Is Hepatitis B Contagious?

Living with hepatitis B is very difficult, but fortunately – today we have a natural way to cure it, which anyone can easily apply at their homes. There are lots of problems with having hepatitis B, and it can greatly limit your life in many ways. That’s why it is important to understand some basic facts about this disease, and is hepatitis b contagious. Read on. f2cfurniture

Hepatitis B can be a touch difficult to detect as much as half of the infected people do not exhibit any symptoms that may alarm doctors. That’s one of the reasons why living with hepatitis b is hard. A patient infected with HBV virus can start showing symptoms after thirty days from the date of infection, while some even show signs of this disease as late as after 180 days from the date of infection. Common Hepatitis B patients show symptoms such as nausea, appetite loss, fever, severe itching, and experiencing pain under the right rib cage, jaundice, exhaustion, color of urine turning dark, vomiting and grayish stools appearing on body.

Is hepatitis b contagious? Asking people you know, to go get a hepatitis b vaccine is beneficial, because they won’t have to be living with hepatitis b, like you. Vaccine for Hepatitis B was first developed in 1981. It contains HBV surface antigen ‘HbsAg’ and it is received in three doses. According to experts’ recommendations, the second dose should be received at least one month after receiving the first dose, while the third and final dose ought to be received after at least three months from the date of the first vaccination. Initially doctors and medical experts thought that Hepatitis B vaccination can prevent the disease for up to seven years, however, later on research showed that subjects with good first response to the vaccination become immune to Hepatitis B for as long as 25 years. f2cfurniture How can hepatitis B be cured? There is a new treatment option, which was developed in 2009 in Australia. It is a herbal cure, which anyone can apply at the privacy of their own home. It is based on the fact that after introducing certain herbs in the body, the enzymes which the hepatitis B virus uses in order to replicate, are blocked.

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